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Liscense # EF0000064

Whatever your security camera needs are, We provided several customized options for you, your home or office.  Including four diffrent model cameras, three diffrent video camears and a motion-sensing, still shot camera. Your cameras can be set up to work in conjunction with your home security system, that way can receive images, video or still shots via email, Text or just by logging into your smartphone, computer or tablet.


Our Packages for video Monitoring are


-Pro Video                                                                                
-Pro Video Plus                                                             

**Live video and saved clips via web and mobile devices
**Secure offsite video storage

**Alarm and motion-triggered video recording

**Indoor and outdoor IP camera options
Cameras are sold Seperatly.

Interactive Video Monitoring solution allows you to see what’s happening at your home or business property when you can’t be there.

 Video Monitoring integrates seamlessly with Alarm.com’s Interactive Security solutions or DSC for you who want the complete package.
**It can also be offered independently in standalone mode for customers who only desire video monitoring.