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Telguard HomeControl for DSC


The Telquard can also allow customers to remotely arm, disarm and receive system notifications at an affordable price.

 Telguard Interactive is now available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms. The free app comes ready to activate with the TG-1 Express, making it compatible with virtually all residential/commercial alarm panels. You can also set up cameras for complete home or office interaction.

Telguard HomeControl for 2gig

Combining Telguard’s life safety communications with the award-winning iControl Networks OpenHome™ software platform, Telguard HomeControl allows customers  to have cellular connectivity, interactive services and life style management, all through one Go!Control-inspired user interface

HomeControl OneRate includes:


  • Telguard cellular connectivity.
  • Remote arming.
  • Unlimited sensors.
  • Z-Wave automations and schedules.
  • Upload/download.
  • End user notifications.
  • Live & event based video.
  • Two-way voice based on panel capability.
  • 500MB or 21 days of video storage.

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Indoor/Outdoor Full Motion Camera for Telguard HomeControl

Universal Z-Wave Garage Door Control Switch